I'm Hannah

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Born in 1971, Hannah has spent a lifetime avoiding the heat. The year she was 11, she discovered that if you sweetly asked the teachers, they would give that nice little girl the key to the library – the only air conditioned room in the whole school. And thus a lust for reading was born!

The running of the bookstore is a perfect fit all of Hannah’s unique quirks: the love of books; the necessity of air conditioning; and the occasional urge to go barefoot or dye her hair pink.

Hannah has an 14 year old son who she is training to give reviews on all the books he reads….


I'm Marie

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I'm Miriam

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Miriam likes books and chaos. Miriam is "NOT" Hannah.


Than Butterfield

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Nathaniel was born, although some people would dispute that. He lives in Bermuda and spends his time reading, insuring people and trying to get Hannah to wear shoes in the shop.

Sometimes he scuba dives with Hannah's husband Steve but finds that this makes the books soggy.  He does have other hobbies, but we won't mention them here....

His parents went to great lengths to get him to learn to read and then spent years trying to get him to put the book down and pay attention.

The only reason he started a bookstore is because he didn't know any better - he has no excuse for getting involved with another one.

He is extremely intelligent, witty and very handsome and will no longer be allowed to write his own bio for the website.


I'm Nicole


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I'm Scott


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I'm BillyBob

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Born a camel in 1971, BillyBob quickly learned that life in the desert was not what it was all cracked up to be.

BillyBob was the only dromedary to take is life into his own hands, (camels have hands?), and decided that the desert song was not for him.

During the summer of 1995, BillyBob was really fed up with tourists and pyramids and decided to leave his old life behind. He hitchhiked to a well known seaport on the Mediteranean coast and stowed away on a tramp steamer bound for who knew where.

After a year or so travelling round Europe, BillyBob and a friend found themselves at a loose end and were chewin' the fat in a hash cafe in Amsterdam when in walked the answer to their dreams. Henry Kaye, Hannah the bookstore manager's father. Over a few fat ones, they all soon became the best of chums and were soon planning their next adventure.

And so, after a few months of hardship and boredom, their raft made it to Bermuda where they have been ever since. BillyBob soon settled into the bookstore routine and is now content in his life.

It’s a good thing to be a dromedary working in a bookstore!